Political Foresight

It is a major problem that political foresight is lacking in D.C. Unfortunately; politicians can’t agree on today’s issues, let alone focus on and address plans for the issues of tomorrow.
  • Knowledge Economy – We need to recognize we are moving toward a knowledge economy. An increase in automation will lead to numerous positions being replaced with new technology. Instead of waiting until this new technology comes along and unemployment rates spike, we can get ahead of this and plan for those future losses. As an example; long haul trucking currently employs over three million people and it is inevitable that future trucking will be automated. We have the opportunity to start preparing for such changes today.
  • U.S. will take on billions in debt if a major earthquake (EQ) hits the west coast.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac DO NOT require EQ insurance on the west coast. As a byproduct only around 10% of California
    homeowners purchase EQ insurance. If an EQ hits California, the 100’s of billions of dollars in uninsured property damaged would be rebuilt using tax payers’ money. Policies must be put in place to distribute the cost through the open markets by requiring proper insurance coverage. If Florida did not require hurricane insurance and only 10% of homeowners were insured, the economic impact of hurricanes would be placed on the shoulders of the U.S. government while the taxpayer’s are left taking on the debt associated with rebuilding.
  • Social Security Numbers – Your SSN was never meant to be a personal identifying document for YOU! It lacks any built-in security features and the paper ID printout is ridiculous. The card is less secure than a library card but vastly more important and in today’s world of theft and fraud, this number should be secure.