Mission Statement

Alex Donkervoet - Candidate for U. S. House of Representatives Texas 3rd Congressional District

Dear Friends, Family, and Community:

I believe our success story will be driven by great individual leaders, open to the ideas and the opinions of a diverse group. Debate and compromise will ultimately lead to a government, not separated by opposing opinions, but made stronger because of those opinions. When representing the 3rd Congressional District, I will uphold my promises, explain my positions, and realize every solution has its own obstacles and opportunities.

(Re) Election campaigns based on generic, party-based comments that read like a user’s manual should not be a substitute for fact-based discussions, transparency, and informed voting.  Elected officials should share ideas, proposals, and principles to allow the public, not lobbyists or political parties, to determine who will serve in office.

The government can work together while using research and facts to help guide decisions to solve the current divisive political atmosphere. We need individuals to advance the cause of a Better Texas and a Better America while adequately and accurately representing the will and viewpoints of the greater constituency.

It is with absolute certainty, I believe I can be one of the individuals to advance the cause of a Better Texas and a Better America. That is why I have decided to run for the United States House of Representatives for Texas 3rd Congressional District.

Alex Donkervoet

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