League of Women Voters of Collin County Candidate Survey




BBA from University of Wisconsin – Madison, major in Actuarial Science. I began at LSU where I spent 3 years majoring in Chemical Engineering before transferring to Wisconsin to pursue Actuarial. I have passed numerous actuarial exams.


I have 10+ years working as an actuary in the consulting, insurance, and reinsurance industry. I have worked with regulators both internationally and domestically, pricing, reserving, and risk management functions over the course of my career.

Immigration: What changes, if any, would you propose to the current immigration policy for (1) current undocumented residents, and (2) the over 4 million people on the waiting list to get a visa to enter the country? Why?

1) The US should issue visas for those who don’t have criminal records & can show a history of providing for themselves & contributing to the economy (job). 2) I propose removing the policy of granting automatic citizenship to those born to non-US citizens. This, along with increasing the number of visas & naturalizations would decrease the wait time. The US needs to enforce laws that penalize the hiring of illegal immigrants & put policies in place to discourage illegal entry.

Immigration is key to economic growth, makes the economy stronger, & we must embrace immigration for America to grow & succeed. Illegal immigrants do work that’s vital to our economy & we need to allow policies that allow for them to obtain legal, temporary work visas.

Foreign Intervention: Under what circumstances should the US intervene militarily in a foreign conflict?

With the world being interconnected & having affirmed the United States’ commitment to standing for freedom of speech, human rights, & economic stability; we must use our international influence & strength to encourage & advanced freedom, progress, & stability of nations when they are in a time of need. We are a world power with the ability to use our status to accomplish these goals but should do so along with other international communities so as not to solely have to rely on our resources when assisting nations in need. We cannot be a bystander of the world problems & then complain when the economics or instability of the world have become unfavorable to us.

Economy: What federal policies do you support to maintain a healthy economy and enable the public to improve their economic positions?

Regulations for business need to be minimal; however, the government cannot favor certain sectors & create unfair competition for individuals or corporations. The current tax system still needs work. It needs to be adjusted to reduce loopholes & simplified to allow the market to choose which industries thrive. The trade deficit needs to be addressed, as a continued, long term deficit could be an indication that the U.S. is unable to produce what is being demanded. I support net neutrality to keep the internet just as it was designed to be…free, open & fair as possible. Our economic future is automation & artificial intelligence which will change the job market. We need to have the foresight to prepare for this economic shift. Last, but not least, if we do not focus on education & a modernized & updated infrastructure for the future, then any ground work we set to prepare for the future economy will be wasted.

Representation: What steps would you take to ensure that you represent all of your constituents? Do you participate in town hall meetings?

Town hall meetings & social interactions are a necessity when representing any group & interaction should not be reserved for only donors or party affiliates. It is important to understand my constituents’ views & opinions even if they aren’t completely in line with my ideals. It is important to understand that TX-3 constituents are made up of both Republicans & Democrats of all religions & races. One key piece I feel that most candidates & representatives are missing is detailed documentation of their current views on issues & explanations of why they vote the way they do. Explanations & transparency allows the voters to understand & make informed decisions during elections. I promise to be transparent in my views as well as accessible & responsive through email & social media.

Healthcare: What legislation would you support, if any, to ensure comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all Americans?

1) Employee provided healthcare needs to end & be replaced with healthcare purchased by individuals & families through the open markets (like auto insurance). Access to plans won’t be limited to an employer & purchased plans will not change when switching jobs. 2) Price transparency & free market for all procedures & visits will allow patients to be aware of cost upfront & will drive competition & improve quality. 3) Cost assistance should be available if an individual/family is unable to afford care. 4) Keep preexisting conditions coverage. 5) Individuals will not be required to purchase healthcare. 6) Company sponsored HSA accounts to allow individuals to save for primary care coverage & deductibles. 7) Creation of state domestic mutual insurance companies which provide a stable, last resort, competitive market. 8) National database so doctors (with permission) can see diagnosis & prescriptions from other doctors.

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of Congress, and what is your position on these issues?

It is said that Congress is broken but in fact, how & who we select is broken. Politics shouldn’t be an elite club where membership is only for those with money or personal connections. Bipartisanship doesn’t exist & Congress must end the back & forth legislation that leaves America in a state of turmoil. Term limits & campaign finance reform are needed, social security needs to have ideas put in place to secure its longevity (partnerships with corporations to provide appropriate returns on surplus), education is a key to continued economic growth & innovation, & the changing economy will continue to replace jobs while creating new ones that do not exist today. These issues cannot be addressed if America continues to elect extreme left & right representatives that are unable to work together to truly represent the American people. We complain about how our officials spend too much time fundraising, or vote along party lines regardless of the issues, yet we continue to reelect them.