Frequently Asked Questions

The current candidates and elected officials give answers that would best work to avoid any hard decisions and give them the easiest path to winning an election. We need individuals that understand we need to solve the issues by working with all members of Congress in order to best represent their constituents. I believe I have demonstrated to you that I am that person who will listen to the opinions of my constituents and research issues to form the best possible solution. If this is accomplished by our elected officials the U.S. Government can start to address issues of the future rather than relive past problems that never go away.

Where do you stand on climate change and energy sources?

With 97% of climate scientists agreeing that humans are the cause of global warming, I have to believe that we are the cause and believe those who doubt the veracity of this issue are causing more harm than good. Let’s for a moment take the position that we are not causing global warming and the experts are wrong. If that is the case, then under false pretenses we will leave our children and future generations as follows; energy independence, with preserved rain-forest and natural environment, livable sustainable cities, clean water and air, all while having a healthier lifestyle. So I guess what I am saying, is even if experts are wrong, what is the harm in trying to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly world? I could live with leaving that legacy, regardless of if global warming is man-made or not. The corporate sector is already transitioning to a greener, 100% renewable, battery powered vehicle economy and the government needs to embrace and allow these industries to thrive. Protecting deforestation, allowing growth and new innovations thru research at NASA and the Department of Energy, and not sustaining industries like coal for the purpose of jobs is what the government needs to do.

I was wondering about your immigration policy. While I personally don't advocate for people immigrating illegally, why should people who are born in the US and have lived here their entire lives not be granted citizenship? I don't believe they have a choice, and to me, it seems unfair.

I first want to say I am pro immigration. Immigration is good for the US and the economy.
If your statement and question is referring to DACA then I agree with you that they did not have a choice and as a society we do not hold a child responsible for the actions of their parents. I do not believe they should be forced to leave the US as many of them are law abiding and productive members in our society. They should begin the process to obtain citizenship.
For a complete immigration policy I believe we need to stop granting automatic citizenship and get the illegal immigration population under control. If we do not grant automatic citizenship to people born in the US to non-US parents, and if we encourage proper immigration by increasing the number of naturalization per year, the US issues the needed number of temporary and permanent work visas, and decreasing the incentives that current illegal immigrants now have, illegal immigration would drastically reduce. Immigration would then be driven by the requirements and workforce needed in the US and as we continue to grow and be more productive we will need a larger and talented workforce.

You mentioned you were pro-life. My question is, why do you think the government should take a position in this debate? Secondly, I was wondering what sort of policy you would work to implement regarding abortion in the United States.

The reason government is involved is because it is a right to life argument. Many people believe that life begins at conception and any abortion is the killing of an unborn child and therefore the government has the obligation to protect those lives.

First step would be to improve sex education and contraception access. Data has shown some evidence that outlawing abortions doesn’t decrease abortion rates and endangers women while access to contraception and comprehensive sex education reduces abortions.

Second, I would work to implement is a joint effort between pro-life and pro-choice groups. Because ~98% of abortions are elective due to financial reasons, problems with relationship, etc.. and less than ~2% are due to incest, rape, or to save the life of the mother, the government can give resources and options to the soon to be mothers that would give them better choices and support. If we can reduce the 98% of abortions by giving hope to those who are in situations where they feel the only way out is an abortion both sides and society will benefit. Pro-life is much more than the protection of an unborn baby. Society and pro-life advocates need to take the next step to give all children, during pregnancy and after, the opportunities we believe they are afforded upon conception. As a Republican and for limited government, we need to understand the needs and cost and weigh them against our moral duties of providing basic needs such as housing, education & food. Pro-life politicians should all be discussing maternity & paternity leave, adoptions, and childcare.

Where do you stand on the legalization of medicinal marijuana?

I am for the legalization of marijuana on recreational and medicinal purposes but, I believe the federal government should allow the states to choose. Because some states have already legalized marijuana we do not have to theorize the impact it will have. States have seen tax revenue, job creation, a decrease in drug related crimes, and savings from the decreased amount of time and money spent to enforce prior marijuana laws. Since legalization there has been a lot more research on the health effects and like any substance, the more we know the better the states and agencies can inform the public and put proper restrictions in place.