Alex Donkervoet

Candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives Texas 3rd Congressional District

Successful Campaign Despite Defeat

Dear Friends, Family, and Community:

As you know, I will not be the next Congressional member for District 3, but as said by Wendell Phillips “What is defeat? Nothing but education. Nothing but the first step to something better.” So with that in mind, I consider these last six months to be a complete success. I can’t put into words the gratitude and appreciation I have to all of you for the support I was given throughout this campaign. It was a humbling experience and I am so glad I decided six months ago embark upon this race.

From the moment I decided to run, I knew this would be an uphill battle with little chance for victory. My name was unknown, I was an outsider in what I quickly found to be a very exclusive club, I was willing to voice displeasure with the current direction and governing of the Republican Party, and I was given no support from the local Republican groups. However, I cannot speak high enough praise of those organizations and individuals that reached out to me and allowed me a platform to express my opinions and thoughts. Those opportunities are what Democracy is about; giving individuals the chance to understand and ask questions to those who will represent them. Because of those organizations and individuals I was able to reach out to enough constituents to receive almost 3,200 votes in the primary.

I realize that 3,200 votes is a small percentage but you have to understand that this campaign was not run on an unlimited budget with a staff or even volunteers. It was simply myself and my wife, putting together this campaign week by week. Our budget total spent on this campaign came out to less than $4000. All of my video ads were shot at home and edited by me (usually in the very late hours at night when our kids were sleeping). I was still working a full time job and therefore, I did what I could, but my ability to campaign was limited. I have not been prepping my entire adult life to be a politician and didn’t have established connections within the community. Therefore, the limited time and resources that resulted in 3,200 votes makes me consider the results a success.

As I mentioned above, I did not choose to run because it was a lifelong ambition or career move. I decided to run because I was frustrated with my current representatives, the lack of bipartisanship, the abundance of hypocrisy, the lack of transparency, and the party politics that turns elections into a Red vs. Blue battle seemingly forgetting that we are all in this together trying to make this a better country. I ran with the intention of letting Republican voters know they had options other than the hard core, far right conservatives. I definitely had to quickly grow some thick skin as I was cursed out and had doors slammed in my face more than a time or two. For every door slammed in my face, I had more individuals reach out to me who felt the same as I did and cheered me on with words of encouragement and thanks. These supporters were people who used to consider themselves die hard Republicans but were now rethinking how they should vote as they believed their party no longer represents what they want to stand for. They were Republicans who were tired of seeing mass shootings; Republicans who believed LGBTQ should be allowed the same rights as every other citizen; Republicans who believe Net Neutrality is an important issue; Republicans who understand ISIS and being Muslim are not the same and we are a nation of many religions; Republicans who understand immigration is what built our country and is necessary for continued growth; Republicans who understand that maybe the best solution to end abortion is working to reduce abortion with pro-choice activist rather than fighting against them; Republicans who understand discussion is needed because neither you nor I nor the elected representatives know ALL the answers; Republicans who are tired of the party politics; and Republicans who believe what makes you and I a Republican is applying the same rights and freedoms we want for ourselves to all individuals while allowing free market to push America forward assisted by government oversight or programs only when needed. Maybe this is not the mainstream Republican Party of today but I believe a change is coming as a new generation ripe with new ideology and priorities finds its voice. Unless the current Republican Party can embrace the views of this new generation and update what has become a somewhat outdated and stale rhetoric, the Republican party’s new motto as generations leave the party will be “I miss you…but you know I’m stubborn.” This is where I step-up and I hope many individuals like myself will help reshape the party away from fear tactics of gloom and doom to one of future prosperity and progress.

I can’t thank my wife enough for the support she has given me and her invaluable assistance to our campaign. We have had a crazy six months in uncharted territory and all of this being done while tending to a new baby in the house. Again, I want to thank all the individuals who reached out to me with your encouragement and support. I want to thank all the other candidates who ran on both Republican and Democratic side as I now understand the hardship, pressure, and scrutiny running for office can place on an individual and a family.

One question I have received numerous times since Tuesday’s defeat is, “Am I going to run again in 2020?” to be honest, my next step is unknown. I decided to run because I feel the direction we are heading because of our elected officials needs a change. When it comes time for elections in 2020, if I believe the Republican Party is continuing down a path of special interest and lacking to represent their constituents, then you might see a more comprehensive campaign from me. For the immediate future, I am looking to get involved with many of the organizations and individuals that I met over the past few months.

My hope for the future is that we can reach across the aisle and do what is best for the people of this great nation and that the people of this nation will step up and make their voices heard by voting. To the voters of America, please don’t just vote because you see a name on a sign or because someone is Republican or Democrat…vote because you have done your due diligence and know what candidate supports your ideals and can best represent you. When voting becomes more about the individual running than the party, the common man and woman will finally be heard.

Thank you again,

Free Market
Limited Gov't
Personal Freedoms
2nd Amendment
Net Neutrality
Did you know?

Bipartisanship is the key to move America forward and fix the immediate as well as future issues Congress faces. Congress has set new records for polarization and must end the back and forth legislation that leaves America in a state of confusion and turmoil. Regardless of what elected officials say, their actions have proven that bipartisanship doesn’t exist in Washington. If Democrats and Republicans are unable to come together to work for the American people as a whole, then our current polarized, unproductive Congress will continue. We, the American people, only have ourselves to blame for this as we continue to elect and reelect individuals that draw a line in the sand when it comes to party issues and these politicians only serve the agenda of their party instead of the interest of all Americans.

Free Market drives innovation, allocates resources, reduces the price for consumers, maximizes output and productivity, and moves America and the world forward. This approach to settling the problems is what I believe separates Republicans from Democrats. The idea of free market and not government programs should be the first solution before relying on government support. Without the free market many of the ideas and tools we use in everyday life would not be around today. Government programs are needed, but America should rely on free market solutions when possible before we rely on government red tape and oversight.

Limited Government/Personal Freedom/Free Market are extremely intermingled and a balance must be made to maximize each principle to its fullest.

Government has it’s place and purpose (roads, military, utilities, etc…) but, if the government inserts its power and authority into too many areas of the economy and its citizen’s personal life the red tape and restrictions will hamper innovation, reduce free market, and limit our personal choices and freedoms. This is why I believe government has a place but should not be the first and only solution to the problems we face.

Limited Government/Personal Freedom/Free Market are extremely intermingled and a balance must be made to maximize each principle to its fullest.

Transparency and individuality from those we elect is needed to start the bipartisanship process. Elected officials do not always fit into only one of two groups on every issue. Therefore, open dialog and an understanding of not only one side’s opinion is needed to approach topics and reach permanent resolutions. I promise to be transparent so all individuals know not only where I stand on important issues, but why. I promise to vote as an individual and represent my district based on discussions, diverse opinions, and research rather than party-line voting.

My Facebook and Twitter page have daily updates on issues so the public knows my views and opinions on current, future and past issues. I post questions and answers on my website that individuals ask me in person or over email. Having all of this information available is not the norm for politicians and I have had some people tell me doing so is not good politics. However, I believe this is something that elected officials should do before and after being elected into office.

My opponents might state major positions but rarely do I see them post ideas and opinions on current issues. Voters need to be informed, and if candidates and officials are vague then we need to ask more from them or not vote for them.

Free speech, the right to feel safe and secure, the right to be able to start a business and compete in the free market, and the right to have an opinion and not fear persecution is what America was built on. Freedom of speech may be considered offensive at times but we should never limit non-violent and peaceful protest and speech…EVER! Personal beliefs should not be forced on one another. Communities and individuals should be able to live without discrimination and enjoy equal rights (LGBTQ), personal autonomy, and freedom of expression and association.

Personal freedom also means personal responsibility. The United States was founded believing that where you came from and who your ancestors are doesn’t matter; who you are matters. In America we are rewarded for our good behaviors and should also be accountable for bad behaviors. In today’s society no one is guilty. We have become a nation where we blame the government, point fingers, blame society for the lack of laws, too many laws, where I grew up, this was too hard, the teacher is not good enough, etc.. which all undermine personal responsibility. I do understand there are disadvantages and inequalities that need to be addressed but the lack of personal responsibility today is systemic and only growing. Personal freedom and personal choice also means Personal Responsibility for the good and the bad.

Limited Government/Personal Freedom/Free Market are extremely intermingled and a balance must be made to maximize each principle to its fullest.

With the recent tragedy, the gun debate has been brought front and center in the news, social media, and every other outlet over the last week. I have received a barrage of inquires concerning gun control and the 2nd Amendment so I want to address this and be transparent on my positions.

I am pro-2nd Amendment, and a gun owner myself. I enjoy sport shooting, hunting, and have no qualms about using a firearm to defend my family and home. However, that not does mean I believe firearms should be unregulated and we should be allowed unlimited rights and freedoms. I am completely comfortable with my ‘D’ rating from the NRA’s political action committee because I am pro-gun but I believe in common sense controls when it comes to firearms. I don’t see any logical reason for some of the firearm related accessories and resistance to background checks and permits that the NRA and so many of it’s staunch supporters stand firm on. I am against armor piercing rounds, silencers, and believe there should be restrictions on who and how guns should be purchased. The fact I have a ‘D’ rating (although I support the 2nd Amendment) shows me how far right and irresponsible the NRA and therefore my two opponents that have received an “A” and an “AQ” rating can be. As a society we have come to accept  limits and controls in other aspects of our daily life (i.e. driver’s license, alcohol regulations) but our politicians cannot come to an agreement on some common sense gun control measures. Call me a liberal, call me an anti-2nd amendment rhino (actual comment I received)…that does not change the fact that we have had enough tragedies and it is time to say enough is enough and take action.  For a more in depth look into my views on gun control, please read my statement following the Parkland school shooting.

Unlike most Republican officials and candidates, I support net neutrality to keep the internet just as it was designed to be…free, open, & fair as possible. Without these regulations, the large internet providers can cripple startups, blogs, informational sites, and any other service accessible through the internet trying to get in front of people which stifles innovation and Free Market.

Net Neutrality laws needs to be implemented, no question.

I have agreed to join the Climate Solutions Caucus as I believe this is an important issue. “The Climate Solutions Caucus is a bipartisan group in the U.S. House of Representatives which will explore policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate. The Caucus will serve as an organization to educate members on economically-viable options to reduce climate risk and protect our nation’s economy, security, infrastructure, agriculture, water supply and public safety,” according to documents filed with the Committee on House Administration.”

Immigration is good for the economy and the U.S. Any Republican that disagrees needs to go talk to any economics professor. Immigration can be made viable where we can have safety and continue to grow as needed.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals I believe can be turned into a permanent first step solution to our immigration problem. DACA recipients did not knowingly break the law as parents brought these children over and as a society we should not hold a child responsible for the actions of their parents. We need to allow an avenue to gain legal status for individuals that pass a background check and contribute to the economy. Officials keep debating sanctuary cities, building a wall, DACA, etc… but these discussions will not provide a comprehensive solution that can address the root cause of illegal immigration. The truth is, America needs the labor that undocumented workers perform as they fill many jobs that would be otherwise unfilled. We need an approach that would allow on-demand access to the U.S. labor market for immigrants as a permanent solution to enter the country legally with proper checks and balances. This market approach would also end the black market flow of illegal immigration by unskilled workers. Politics cannot determine due to the sheer volume which applicants should be allowed permanent or temporary status in the U.S., but the markets can determine who would work the longest, smartest, and be willing to sacrifice the most to be in the U.S. These are the individuals we want in our country. I believe the individuals like DACA recipients are those we want to immigrate into the US and become part of our society.

Vote in the Republican Primary!! Collin County is a heavily Republican district and the winners of the Republican Primary have an extremely high chance of winning the general election. Vote as if it is the general November election and select the best candidate to represent you, not the party.

In the last non-Presidential Primary only 38,700 people in District 3 voted. Today there are 400,000+ registered voters in District 3. Vote!

80% of Collin County Republican Precinct Chairs, Gov Abbott, and numerous other endorsements my opponent received were given before the candidacy filing deadline. This means they chose their candidate without considering if any other candidates were potentially running and without thought to whether any potential candidate might be better suited for the seat. How do you know if you are endorsing the best candidate for your constituents if you do not know who all the candidates are?

You can’t buy a Tesla in Texas! Elected officials say they are free market but in reality they are free market only for industries they choose to protect by both action and lack of action. The hypocrisy needs to end.


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30% - The probability of a policy change regardless of whether a small minority or a large majority of American citizens support the policy.
97% - Win rate for a 2016 incumbent member of the U.S. House of Representatives running for reelection.
Only 5% of developed countries (Canada and the United States) grant birthright citizenship to tourists and illegal aliens.

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